How We Work

Have you always been told that your child or grandchild should be a model? Or would you like a hobby for you and your child to share and spend quality time doing? These are just 2 of the many reasons models join our Adora Models Family. Like most moms, when first considering if you want your child to become a model or just try modeling it is so hard to know where to begin! There are tons of false "agencies" out there that will ask for hundreds of dollars or more to get you started. Not here! We pride ourselves in being one of the longest running modeling referrals. With 6 full years under our belt we are working on our 7th year in business and thrilled to be working with so many amazing Models and Photographer Talents. We are your perfect place to build a modeling portfolio and gain experience as a model. We are truly honored and humbled to say numerous models have used our Modeling Advisery as the 1st stepping stone their modeling careers! We hope they do not forget us!

This brings us to the burning questions:

  1. Question: How do I get my child into modeling for Adora Models?
    Answer: First verify that we have a "Photographer Talent" in your area. We only list models who are able to shoot with one of the Photographers listed with our service. You can find this list here. If you find a photographer listed in your area  contact it's your lucky day! You will need to contact them directly to set up your initial Model Start Up Session!
  2. Question: What should I wear to my Model Start Up Session?
    Answer: We recommend you have 3 "looks" in your photos, meaning 3 different styles/outfit changes. All attire should be well 'fitted', no loose fitting or baggy clothes. Also, do not wear any branded items, an example of this would be a shirt that says "NIKE" on the front. Solid colors are idea and be sure to wear colors that compliment your model. For hair take some shots with different styles, for instance,  do shots with hair down and if long enough do shots with hair up or to side. Make sure your 3 "looks" are different, for example a young girl could do a simple shirt/jeans for look #1, a dress or skirt for look #2, and a gown/tutu style flower girl dress for look #3 or perhaps a shirt and shorts set for look #3. Last, but not least, be sure to show PERSONALITY in your photos! Everyone loves a HAPPY person, smiles and laughs are contagious, so spread it around!
  3. Question: Where should my photos be taken?
    Answer: Photos for a Model Start Up Session are perfect to be taken at any outdoor location with a nice setting and good lighting. Your photographer will be the best source of information for this and will assist you in choosing a location no doubt.  
  4. Question: What happens after my Model Start Up Session? 
    Answer: Once you have done a Model Start Up Session your Photographer will help guide you to the next steps or you may simply complete our Open Model Casting Form.
  5. Question: Will I receive an email or call back after I submit Open Model Casting?
    Answer:  Possibly, if our Adora Team  believe your model is a fit for our Modeling Service you will receive an email response with steps to get your model posted and available for bookings! If your model is not a fit for our Modeling Service at this time you will NOT receive a message back.
  6. Question: Does no message back mean my model is not model material? 
    Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT! We do not list a large number of models in any given size or age. Some age ranges book a large number of offers so you will see a larger number of models in those groups. The seasons change too, certain times of the year bookings are up which will result in more models listed than another time. 
  7. Question: Is there a fee for becoming a model?
    Answer: A Membership Fee of $30 per model, per calendar year is required to cover the cost of your model's profile page/advertisement on our website. Unlike an agency, our modeling consultant service does NOT get paid by the designers/brands that book our models. 
  8. Question: Do models get paid for modeling offers?
    Answer: Yes. Most are paid by compensation of keeping the products they model. Occasionally a designer will have one of a kind products and models will be compensated with store credit/gift cards/cash or another product similar to what was modeled. 
  9. Question: Who pays for the modeling photo shoots?
    Answer: Models are responsible for paying for their modeling photo shoots. Our Photographers offer a very reduced rate for modeling sessions to make it affordable for everyone to enjoy and moms will have a lifetime of memories in professional photos they will never regret.
  10. Question: Do models have to accept all booking offers sent to them?
    Answer: NO, this is totally the model's choice and no questions are asked if denied.
  11. Question: How does the model get the product to model?
    Answer: In most cases the products are mailed directly to the Photographer. We do this because over the years we have learned photos are returned much faster when the Photographer receives the product first. They will contact the model normally the day the product arrives to have the photo session booked.
  12. Question: How long does a model/photographer have to return photos for a booking?
    Answer: Our general rule is 1 week from receiving the product with the understanding some things do come up and 2 weeks will be acceptable. 1 week is preferred. Remember, your work history and reputation on returning photos will effect future bookings no doubt. Brands need photos quickly as possible and they will remember the models that return photos promptly
  13. Question: Who is responsible for turning in the photos?
    Answer: The model/photographer team can decide who will email the finished photos to our Adora Team. We will review the photos and FW them to the designer/brand for their final use. If any feedback is given we will FW this back to the model/photographer teams
  14. Question: How many bookings will a model get?
    Answer: There is absolutely no way of knowing how many bookings a model will receive and when they will receive their first one.
  15. Question: What if I cannot do a booking a accepted?
    Answer: Contact our Adora Team immediately, we can work with your photographer and the designer/brand to find a model replacement. NOTE: If the model is shipped the product and does not return photos within the 2 week maximum period to return the photos, the model will be invoiced full retail value for the product and will be responsible for paying for the product.